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Math Recipe Project

Attached are the instructions for the Recipe Project.

The “Caramel-Filled Chocolate Cookies” conversion sheet referenced in the instructions must be completed in class (hence, why I’m not including a copy on the blog).  All work must be shown on loose leaf paper.  No work, so credit.  No units, no credit.  This is due by the end of class on Tuesday, 5/15/12.

Students must choose a recipe with five unique fractions, i.e.: 1/2 c sugar is the same as 1/2 tsp flour, so 1/2 only counts as one fraction.  Improper fractions do not qualify!  All fractions MUST be in simplest form!  Mixed numbers will work.  Students must bring a copy of the recipe to class on Tuesday, 5/15/12.  We are doing a cluster rotation during the Algebra End of Course Exam (8:15am-12:30pm), so ALL students will have math tomorrow.

Students are required to create a conversion chart for their own recipe.  It must list ALL ingredients (and amounts) in the original recipe and the amounts required to make 1/2 of the original recipe.  Therefore, this chart will only have 2 columns.  The chart must include the title of the recipe, # of servings for the original recipe, and # of servings for the halved recipe.  All work must be shown on loose leaf paper.  No work, so credit.  No units, no credit.

Students are required to create a booklet.  I will have the Caramel-Filled Chocolate Cookies conversion charts graded by Friday, so students will need to see me in order to get their chart/work to include in the booklet (after the field trip or after school would be ok).  The booklets and optional 10-extra-credit-points-sample (either to show or enough to share) are due on 5/21/12 for Periods 1/3/5 and 5/22/12 for Periods 2/4, when the bell rings indicating the beginning of each period.  Any late project will earn a 20% late penalty.

This project will count for 20% of the report card grade for the 6th grading period.

Recipe Project for McManus 2012 — BLOG